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Big northern pike bait fishing in winter (ismete)
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Ismete is a really exciting form of ice fishing and gives you the opportunity to catch your record fish from the ice.

Big pikes has interested our guide Jarkko Auno for years. Where this majestic creature lives and eats in the Oulu region has become a subject of particular interest.

"My honest opinion is that Oulu is a dream place for pike angler."

In the beginning, I made numerous trips completely without fishes, and during these trips, my interest in large pike only grew. I spent hundreds of hours looking for pike in the, if you count the fishing time alone. To this you can add the analysis work, when together with my fishing friends, we sat many evenings at the computer and wondered why we didn't catch fish on the previous trip. Little by little, the pieces fell into place and connections began to emerge between different factors: Oxygen, air pressure, amount of light, bait size, time of year, water color, etc. There are so many factors that influence the choice of place and other aspects that there is enough studying for the rest of your life. There will always be days without a catch, but the understanding of how pike live in winter is getting stronger every day"

Our team has caught more than 100 individuals of at least 100cm-long pikes in the last three years, of which the 3 largest have exceeded the 12-kilogram limit, being 13.44kg, 12.96kg, 12.70kg. There have been twenty fish over 10 kilos.

Jarkko ja yhdeksän kilon hauki
Jarkko can also be found on Instagram, where you can follow his fishing and other life:


Jarkko has always been interested in nature and that is the reason for founding our company. After all, Jarkko is a founding member of Finnaction Oy and the purpose of our company is to take people to enjoy nature experiences. This time we offer the opportunity to go ismete fishing for big pike with Jarkko.

The tour is best suited for groups of 2 - 6 experimental and patient fishers who want to catch big pikes in winter. The method used on this trip is bait fishing through ice (aka ismete fishing). The method utilizes specially designed short rods that are placed in wait for the fish to strike. There are 5 rods available for each participant. The main goal is to catch pikes with the length of at least one meter.

Because the focus is on big pikes, a catch cannot be guaranteed, but with the guidance of our experienced guide the odds are as great as possible. During the trip a heated pop-up tent and a will be put up on ice. We will also light a campfire on ice for roasting sausages and preparing pot coffee in the traditional Finnish way.

Since the northern pikes are lively in the winter mornings, we will deliver winter clothes for you either in the evening prior to the trip or early in the morning before start time. Our chauffeur will be waiting at your accommodation at 7:00 AM. We will transport you from your chosen pick-up location in Oulu area to the fishing location situated 30-90 minutes drive from the pick-up.

Our professional fishing guide chooses the best fishing location in the area judging on weather and the time of year. Depending on location the walk from the shoreline to the fishing spots is up to 20 minutes. On location we'll put up a heated pop-up tent on ice.

All big fishes will be released after weighing, measurement and photo shoot. One medium-sized pike (1 - 4 kg) per customer can be taken as food.

After the trip we will transport you back to your accommodation.

  • Fishing technique: Big northern pike bait fishing in winter (ismete)

  • Typical catch: Pike of 80-110 cm with the possibility of specimen well over 10 kg and 120 cm

  • Catch probability: For a pike of 80-110 cm good and for the largest specimen moderate.

  • What is done with the catch: Pikes of over 90 cm are always released. Smaller specimen can be selected for food.

  • Type of fishing area: Lush and shallow water on ice


  • 1 person: 478 € / person

  • 2 people: 239 € / person

  • 3 people: 219 € / person

  • 4 people: 199 € / person

  • 5 people: 179 € / person

  • 6 people: 159 € / person

The price includes: Guidance, winter clothing (overalls, boots, beanie, gloves), fishing licences, 5 rod / person (up to 20 rods total), bait fishes, standard and motorized ice drills, snowshoes, transport from Oulu to the fishing spots and back, sausages and pot coffees, heated pop-up tent.

Season: From the middle of December to the beginning of April according to the ice situation.

Group size: 1 - 6 people

Reservations: One week in advance at the latest

Booking instructions: Choose a free day from the booking calendar, make a booking and pay with your preferred payment method. You will receive a message in your email in which we ask you for a little more information (for example, your accommodation in Oulu, where we will pick you up in the morning and your clothing size for winter clothing)

Meeting: At the customer's desired location in the Oulu area, from where we will pick you up and drive you to secret fishing spots.

Start time: The transport leaves at 7:00 a.m. at the latest

Duration: 8 – 12 hours (when booked from the booking calendar, the total time of the service is always 12 hours)

For whom: Over 15 years old

Language: Finnish and English

Cancellations due to weather: The tour will be canceled due to a storm or bad ice conditions, in which case we will refund the payment to the customer.